Mind, Body, Spirit – Your Temple and The Power Within

Your body is your temple – We hear that time and time again because it’s the truth. A healthy and fit body promotes great mental health – and how we look and feel about ourselves correlates directly with how we treat others. When we look and feel good we can build others up – confidence and positivity rubs off on those around us.There are two types of people in this world, those that build people up and those that tear people down. Obviously the overall message here is focused on building people up as I would rather be constructive than counterproductive and hopefully be able to help anyone reading this that might need it.From building your own temple to sharing a few of your “bricks” – May this be a blueprint that will not only pave the way to a better you, but to build up others around you.Whether you’re a kid having a hard time with self-esteem and the social scene, a mature adult with a slowing metabolism and starting to gain weight, or a person who is troubled by a parent or someone at home; no matter the age, time, or place – the power is in YOU!If you are that kid that is self-conscious and not feeling great about yourself, the first thing that you need to understand is that IT’S OK! It’s completely normal for a kid. But also understand that you can’t be hard on yourself about it as that will only make things worse. So don’t dwell on it, buddy – you’re going to be ok, just keep reading.If you’re that adult with the slowing metabolism….stay tuned, the following applies to you as well as it applies to everyone.Firstly – I should say that I’ve never been one to preach but rather lead by example, so the best thing I can do here is base this on my own life experience. Sadly, the example I’m about to use is one from a kid that was demonized by that someone at home. Fortunately, the message I intend to send about growing up with that someone, a step father (that I will refer to as my T-Rex for the perspective of this article only) is ten-fold with much light at the end of the tunnel. In turn it will present an outlook on life from an individual who takes care of himself and his body vs. one that does not.Whether you grew up in a broken/dysfunctional home or had a structured environment with some great role models for parents but facing a different type of T-Rex, the following is solely intended to display the character building and power of positive vs. negative.We’re all faced with adversities, our own T-Rex’s in some form or other. Whatever it is that’s bringing you down…. don’t sit, get fit.DON’T SIT – GET FIT! – LESSONS FROM A YOUNG CAVEMANLet’s face it, I wasn’t the coolest kid growing up – at least I didn’t think so anyway. I was tall and scraggly and didn’t have any direction as there was no structure in my family. All my step dad did when he got home was lie on the couch, watch TV and drink beer. Every time he pulled into the driveway my brother and I would run downstairs to our rooms to avoid him. Not a cool thing for a kid growing up at all.Hiding in my room (or cave dwelling as I call it) and playing video games got my mind off things for a bit, but it was taking to exercise that got me through it all.Getting your mind off of your T-Rex with a video game, movie, or music isn’t a bad idea. Do whatever it takes to put your mind, focus, and energy in a better place but go ahead and throw a few push-ups and sit-ups in there every 15-20 minutes or so. And if you can get out for a run, by all means – go for it. You’d be surprised at how therapeutic it is to get your body into motion and doing what your body is meant to do. (Yes, by nature, exercise is genetically what each and every one of our bodies is meant for.) Like any machine needs oil to run efficiently, when we “oil our machines” by exercising, like the machines, we also operate more efficiently. It all around makes us feel better. When we feel better we’re able to take on and complete our everyday tasks more effectively and efficiently.Research has shown time and again that statistically, kids that exercise do much better academically than those who don’t, and I’m living proof. I was getting D’s and F’s until I started playing football in high school when my GPA jumped to a 3.6. And staying true to my regimen provided me with much success throughout life. I had a very successful 10 year stint in the US Navy and now own and operate my own business, all the while staying fit. I’m in the gym at least 6-7 times per week getting in good cardio and hitting weights and machines. I feel great and I take every opportunity I can to help someone else. For me, that’s especially what makes life worthwhile is when a big part of your life is devoted to helping others. It’s great fuel for the soul let alone the relief you provided that person by removing a burden.As you can see, what I consume myself with is what my life is all about. I stay fit and I keep my mind busy, allowing myself to share my positive energy and experience with others.IF IT’S NOT CONSTRUCTIVE, IT’S COUNTERPRODUCTIVESitting in front of a TV watching movies or playing games for hours on end isn’t good for the soul. It’s not constructive, therefore it’s counterproductive. If you’re not making an effort to make forward progress during a lengthy cave stay then you’re more than likely to subconsciously tap into the “reverse gear” mode that enables people to be the couch tater, beer drinking T-Rex’s that chases us into our caves. The kind that have no ambition and no regard to or respect for others, and no desire to do better or be better.DO BETTER, BE BETTERI believe that inherently, deep down we all want to be better and do better. Maybe the bullies at school or at home seem like they don’t have a heart, but they do. They just don’t look within. It’s the confidence and the will they’re lacking that enables them to be the T-Rex.If you ignore in yourself what you know is inherently good and make compromising choices that go against your intuition (like they did), you’ll sink down into the deep, dark abyss along with the very people that are trying to pull you down.Use your intuition and bring out that stuff deep within to do better. Stay within your temple and use it as your place of peace and worship while oiling your machine. Don’t think about what’s on the outside that you can’t control. Forget about the T-Rex as it’s not about getting back or getting even. Life itself will take care of them, so use the good energy inside to produce more good energy. Don’t stress the poor soul that’s trying to bring you down. They have issues of their own that they’re obviously unable to deal with… powerless. Furthermore, you are in control of your own destiny – not them.For those just worried about the extra weight gain, like I said before with “don’t sit – get fit,” so get up and get moving.In closing, whatever your T-Rex is – keep oiling that machine as life will always have its obstacles. Take the tools you’ve been given and use your intuition. Do whatever it takes. Challenge yourself. Whether it’s more running, push-ups, and sit-ups, or setting and achieving other life goals, stay within your temple. Let your mind, body, and spirit work together to not only construct the solid foundation that will provide you with the most impenetrable of temples, but also allow you to “share your bricks” with others. For each brick you share – your confidence, your experience, your positive energy – is all a direct reflection of your spirit that will help encourage other to build as well.A T-Rex is no match for a solid temple, let alone a fortress.Keep building my friends.

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