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How To Create A Positive Team Environment

Ability to create a positive team environment is an important characteristic of any good leader. If you are in any position of leadership in your company, organization, institution or business, you have to build a strong team that can help you to achieve your goals and vision. In any place of work and in any business you will start, you need people. You need people to work with. You need people to do business with. Knowing how to get the best out of the people who work for you is a key to the success of your organization, company, institution or business. How do you then create a positive team environment?In this article, I would like to share with you some of the practical ideas that have enabled me not only to build effective teams in my workplaces, but also to build a home business.1. Build a trusting relationship with your staff or your customersBuilding a trusting relationship with your staff and with your targeted customers helps to achieve your goals. Always live by what you say. Your actions should reflect your words. If the two are not in any way connected, then it’s difficult for you to create a positive team environment.Let your staff or customers see you as a reliable, responsible and accountable person. You need to consistently exhibit trust in what you think, say, decide and do for your team members to believe in you. Trust protects you. I have always said this and I will always continue to say it. Most successful leaders and businessmen you see around you rate so high in this aspect. If you cannot pass the test of credibility, the chances of you succeeding in your endeavors are minimal.To create a positive team environment, you have to maintain a high level of quality service and to deliver what you promise to do. You have to believe in your words and your promises. You have to be honest. You have to show natural respect for your staff or customers. You have to listen to them and ask them about their expectations, feelings and opinions.2. Communicate positively and assertively.Every human being wants to feel valued. You have to be sensitive to what you say and how you say it. You need to exhibit good communication skills whereby you listen to them, you are open to them, you respect them and you support them.Always communicate to them assertively. Assertive communicators believe that the people they communicate to have the same rights as them. They communicate constructively and clearly and in many cases, they become winners because people feel they are for them. Assertively communicate the vision, mission and values of your organization to your staff to build a positive and lively team environment.3. Understand yourself before you understand othersMost people easily see mistakes and bad behaviors of others. It’s very rare for them to realize that they also have much to do in order to connect with others. If you want to build strong teams that can support you to achieve your goals, then it’s important to begin by understanding yourself. Develop an understanding of self and how you may be seen by others including your colleagues. Know your strengths and your weaknesses.After knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can then try to recognize others’ behavioral styles and learn how to respond to their needs effectively. The most important thing here is to learn how to respond to their needs positively and effectively. This means that you need to learn how to connect to them by exploring effective strategies in dealing with different people, including the so called “difficult” people. By so doing, you will easily realize the benefits of a team approach.4. Expect to get the best from your teamOur mind is made in such a way that what comes out of it depends largely on what you feed in it. If you really want your team to perform well, treat them as if they are already competent and capable of achieving their objectives. Support them to set high expectations and walk with them to achieve them, they will obviously achieve. Inspect them in order to get what you expect from them. They will be excellent team members and will rise to greater heights in their performance.5. Appreciate and recognize your team members.There is nothing as energizing as being appreciated and recognized for something good you have done. During my working experience, I have noticed that when you appreciate and recognize others, you make them feel good. And I rather work for someone who pays me little but appreciates my work than working for one who gives me a good salary but does not recognize my input. So do others. The word “Thank you” is simple but far reaching in the hearts of most people.When you appreciate and recognize someone, let it be real. Let it come out of you enthusiastically so that one really sees that your appreciation is genuine. If it’s not genuine, then better not say it because it will be misinterpreted.6. Create a good physical environment for everyone to enjoy the workYou should endeavor to create a healthy environment for your team members. A good physical environment is where the workplace is clean, free of pollution, cheerful, attractive with enough space and light. It also refers to any other thing that physically impacts on you and your team members.7. Have fun with your team members.I have seen many bosses, who never joke, have fun and celebrate with their subordinates. That does not create a positive team environment. You should not only focus on work. Though work is given priority, sharing with your team members in good times makes you be a better leader. Always have fun with them!8. Make your team members be passionate about what they do.When your team members are passionate about what they do, they always get energized and self-driven. They can initiate and pursue things to the end. It’s therefore important for you as a leader to be enthusiastic about your work and what you do. This will make everyone see that you love what you are doing and they will consequently love being part of your team.9. Be approachable.Creating a positive team environment necessitates you as a leader to make yourself available to the team members. Do not build a concrete wall around you. Let everyone, irrespective of his position and status, find it easy to approach you and speak to you. Let them feel that you are there for them.In one of the organizations where I worked, there was a culture of calling co-workers by their first names, irrespective of the position one held. This made it easy for people not to focus on seniority but to deal with one another harmoniously.10. Create a team spiritTo create a positive team environment, there must a feeling that everyone belongs to the team and everyone’s contribution is important to the success of the team. You should therefore inculcate a spirit of cooperation among your team members but not competition. You should be open to everyone and allow each member to feel a valued person in the team. Establish clear communication channels that are known by every member of the team.Finally, remember that you are a leader and not a ruler. You are a server and not a boss. Much is expected from you. Your success is built upon other team members’ success. If you bear that in your mind, you will obviously create a positive team environment for everyone.